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[ Online lighting shop ] Buy certified authentic designer lighting online, including unique decorative luxury floor, table, wall, and pendant lamps for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or outdoor garden. We are the only South African online light store dedicated to importing iconic designer lighting from international brands [ View all products ]
1953 F© Oluce
1953 T© Oluce
24 Karat Blau T© Ingo Maurer
Agnoli© Oluce
Alba Floor© Oluce
Alba Table© Oluce
Amanita 319© Oluce
Amanita 619© Oluce
Ara to Go© Nordlux
Arco E27© Flos
Arco LED© Flos
Argus 70784© Faro
Atollo 233© Oluce
Atollo 235© Oluce
Atollo 236© Oluce
Atollo 237© Oluce
Atollo 238© Oluce
Atollo 239© Oluce
Bellhop© Flos
Berenice© LucePlan
Bicoca© Marset
Bob© Nordlux
Bon jour Unplugged© Flos
Chiara© Flos
Chispa© Marset
Colombo© Oluce
Coordinates© Flos
Copérnica M© Marset
Copérnica P© Marset
Copycat© Flos
Costanza© LucePlan
Coupé Floor© Oluce
Coupé Table© Oluce
Cylinda© Oluce
Dipping Light© Marset
Dipping Light Unplugged© Marset
Diver© Prandina
Easy Peasy© Lodes
Eva© Oluce
Fienile© LucePlan
FollowMe© Marset
FollowMe Plus© Marset
Fork : floor© Diesel
Fork : table© Diesel
Fuji 74465© Faro
Funiculí© Marset
Funiculí S© Marset
Ginger M© Marset
Ginger S© Marset
Glo-Ball© Flos
Gong© Prandina
In Vitro Unplugged© Flos
Jellyfish 24523© Faro
Kasp© Faro
Kelvin Edge© Flos
Kerala© Faro
Kettle© Nordlux
Kettle base© Nordlux
Lampadina© Flos
Landing© Prandina
Last Order© Flos
Light Au Lait© Ingo Maurer
Lucellino NT© Ingo Maurer
Luisa© Prandina
Luminator© Flos
Mini Coupé© Oluce
Nui mini© LucePlan
Nuru© Nordlux
Oblique© Flos
Plume© Oluce
ROD© Diesel Lodes
Rosy Angelis© Flos
Sawaru© Flos
Siro 287© Oluce
Siro 288© Oluce
Snoopy© Flos
Spider© Oluce
Spider© Oluce
Sponge Floor© Nordlux
Sponge Pendant© Nordlux
Sponge Spike© Nordlux
Sponge Table© Nordlux
Sponge to Go© Nordlux
Stylos© Flos
Superluna© Oluce
Switch© Oluce
Tab (Floor)© Flos
Tab (Table)© Flos
Taccia© Flos
Task 70914© Faro
The Globe© Oluce
Theia M© Marset
Theia P© Marset
TOC© Faro
Toio© Flos
Zanuso© Oluce
Zettel’z 5© Ingo Maurer
Zile© LucePlan